About Fake Outdoor Plants

About Fake Outdoor Plants
About Fake Outdoor Plants

The benefits of fake outdoor plants are wide reaching.

If you live in an apartment or a house, have a balcony, have an outdoor area that just can’t maintain live plants, or you just have a really busy life, artificial outdoor plants are a great option to include in your outdoor décor designs.


Fake outdoor plants have come a long way, they look great, and it’s so hard to tell if they are fake, you will hear a lot of comments like “are they real ??”

One of the most important factors to consider when selecting your plants for your outdoor area, is to make sure they are UV stabilised; this is a treatment that will maintain the colour of the plants.

If you don’t use UV stabilised plants, they will change colour as the pigment has not been protected from sunlight.

Here are some ideas of how to successfully use artificial outdoor plants in your outdoor styling.


Fake outdoor plant vertical garden panels

This is one of my favourite ways to use artificial greenery, the instant improvement is so rewarding!

It would take years to grow a live vertical garden, and then keeping it live and maintained is a big commitment.

If you have a wall that needs some soft lush greenery get some vertical garden panels and simply attached them to the wall.

These panels provide privacy and a beautiful complement to your outdoor living space.

These look great on a paling fence, a dividing wall between properties, a pool area, on a balcony wall to create a green screen between neighbouring balconies, and lots more creative ideas, only limited by your imagination!

We can advise you on how to do this depending on what the wall is made of.



Fake outdoor plant hanging baskets

Fake plants in hanging baskets are the perfect solution for areas that can’t grow live plants.

There is no need for watering, you can hang them over chairs or in spaces that won’t be affected by water runoff, and they are light so you can hang large baskets without the worry of weight problems.

And, best of all, they look beautiful as they stay their original lush and green colour!


Fake outdoor plants for the balcony


This is a great location for fake plants, they are not affected by dry winds that can kill real plants, and they don’t require watering, so no water marks or damage on the balcony!

There are so many beautiful outdoor containers you can choose from to complement the plant and your décor look

Clusters of these pots look dramatic and provide a real designer look to your balcony.

You can choose plants that fit your theme, be it classic traditional, or modern minimalist.


Fake outdoor plants for the deck

This is an area of the garden that doesn’t always benefit from the right amount of sun or rain, and artificial plants don’t need either of these elements.

Make your deck space an entertaining oasis with the addition of beautiful realistic artificial plants.

We are here to help !

We love to help our lovely clients , please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions , our friendly team can assist you to create you  design and garden ideas !




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