Advantages of Artificial Plants

Advantages of Artificial Plants
Advantages of Artificial Plants

Gorgeous and Zero Maintenance

Our high-quality Artificial plants are completely zero maintenance.

They only require the leaves to be wiped occasionally with a damp cloth, no special cleaning product required… don’t forget real plants have leaves that also get dusty, and artificial leaves are far easier to clean and won’t be damaged.

- They cannot be damaged by passing trade in shopping centres.

- They do not require soil, so no risk of bacteria from potting mix.

- They do not need water or sunlight.

There is no risk of water damage or leakage as these plants do not need to be watered.

They will stay looking as good as the day they are installed, no dead leaves or dying plants, so the space will always look fresh and well maintained.

We use high quality designer pots and baskets to complement the true to life artificial plants.


Biophilic Design using artificial plants

Biophilic design is based around how we incorporate nature into built environments. It utilizes nature-inspired materials and design features to emphasize the relationship between human beings and our natural inclination to be with nature.

Modern artificial plants are incredibly lifelike and can achieve the calming effect of biophilic design, bringing greenery leaves and lushness into any space.

We deliver beautiful lifelike artificial greenery environments into office spaces to connect the indoors with the outside, and all zero maintenance utilising spaces that allow workflow and freedom of movement.



Artificial Vertical Gardens

Our high quality artificial vertical gardens transform spaces with beautiful life-like cooling lush greenery.

- No expensive plumbing and irrigation systems are required.

- No dead leaves or plants to be replaced.

- These gardens will look as beautiful as the day they are installed.

Our vertical gardens transform empty corners, a showcase of greenery completely maintenance free and beautifully lush.

We have a range of designs that can complement your space, and an expert team with extensive experience in artificial greenery design.

These artificial vertical gardens are UV protected and perfect for the outdoors, they work wonderfully by the poolside, and vacant laneways that are visible from your home.

Have a look at the before and after photos to see the dramatic improvement of the total area with the addition of these high quality orifical vertical garden panels!


If you have any questions or queries regarding the use of artificials, whether it be in your home, office or corporate space, contact us at 0413 437 945 or­ Thank you for reading!

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