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Artificial flower arrangements online
Artificial flower arrangements online
Our Artificial Flower Arrangement Hire Service
Parker Road has an extensive array of artificial flower arrangements online. Our
Floral design team creates stunning floral and green arrangements for your
business profile and to suit the needs of your space. We deliver corporate flowers
Melbourne wide and we pride ourselves in the quality of our work. To view our
Artificial flower arrangements online and read more about this service please use
the link below.
Selecting the type of arrangement
When selecting your
Artificial flower arrangements online there are some key
things to consider , we have prepared a guide to help you when planning your
artificial flower arrangement , of course there will always be some other
considerations you can add to these .
  • Busy traffic area
  • On shelf
  • Central position on a table or against a wall
  • May need to be a heavier vase
  • Height restrictions
  • All round or front facing floral arrangement
  • If in a shelf
  • If on a table,
  • If in a shelf how high can the arrangement be
  • If on a table, consider the width of the foliage and flowers
Décor theme

Recognize the design look ofyour décor here are someexamples -

  • Hamptons
  • Minimalist
  • Classical
  • Country

The artificial flower arrangementneeds to reflect the designelements of the various designlooks, for example...

  • A Hamptons look would suit Magnolias
  • A Classical look would suit traditional Roses
  • A Minimalist look would suit modern foliage
  • A Country look would suit native florals
Colour scheme

What colour scheme is theroom you will be placing theartificial flower arrangement

The colour scheme is part of your overall Décor theme, our online gallery in our website will show you lots of examples of floral colour combinations.


Have a good look at your room or space and make a list of thesekey elements and any other items you will need to consider , andalso the look you want to achieve , and make sure to call us , ourfriendly team are ready to help you with your Artificial flowerarrangements online


There are so many advantages in using artificial flower arrangements, they look
real, they make a show- stopping impact, they never drop petals or create stale
water, and only require minimal care or cleaning.
To keep your artificial flower arrangement looking fresh, regularly clean the vase
by wiping with a damp cloth or have a little Windex, then polish with a dry cloth
to maintain that lovely sparkle!
To maintain the flowers , you can simply dust these gently with a feather duster ,
or use a clean dry cloth to dust the flowers , if you have any large foliage or
leaves you can wipe these with a damp cloth and allow to dry , and you are done
We are here to Help
Call our friendly and talented Flora Design team with any questions we are here
to help you to select and create your artificial flower arrangement!
(03) 8288 2678
0413 437 945
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