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Artificial wedding flowers - To faux or not to faux?
Artificial wedding flowers - To faux or not to faux?

The boards of Club Vogue are inundated with conversations about all things bridal, women everywhere get together to share their experiences of planning their weddings and how to get it right the first time, every time. When it comes to your wedding flowers, ‘to faux or not to faux’ is the big question.

Not too long ago, artificial flowers evoked a memory of my cousin’s wedding in 1991, and if that date wasn’t enough to let your imagination run wild, I can tell you that it was everything you would expect. My gorgeous cousin, bless her, had my three-year-old self holding a very lace-embellished (and very 90’s) little bouquet of artificial flowers, enough to scar a girl for life (it nearly did too).



On my first visit to Parker Road’s new showroom, located in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, it became apparent to me that I had paid absolutely little attention to how far technology and artistry had advanced in artificial floristry. You would imagine in 26 years, ten spent in the bridal industry as a makeup artist, that I would have noticed. Typically task focussed on my bride’s faces, I have now spoken to some of my past brides and been genuinely surprised to find how many of them had opted for artificial wedding bouquets online, I would never have been able to tell.

I asked them why they decided to have artificial flowers online for their wedding, the most common reasons were:

  • Allergies - Either the bride, groom or even someone in the bridal party had a lot of difficulty with real flowers, especially during the warmer seasons.

  • Location wedding - They needed to travel interstate or overseas with their flowers and liked the idea of being able to work with their florist prior to their wedding bouquets online at their own pace.

  • Season or climate – This is a big one, if your favourite flowers are difficult to source around your wedding date, you can have them made any time of year.

  • Affordable and available – The cost of your flowers are not dependent on the supply, demand and availibility constraints of real flowers.

  • Keepsake – They are a beautiful keepsake of your big day. You could even have them recreated into an arrangement for your home.


Quality is key with artificial bridal flowers and choosing the right artificial florist is imperative. Teagen Krop, Parker Road Bridal Manager, is as passionate as it comes in the bridal industry, her lovely personality and exceptional customer service skills have earned her a flood of commendations of the Parker Road Facebook and resulted in partnerships with some of Australia’s elite bridal suppliers such as Hamiltion Island Weddings, RACV Torquay Resort, Melbourne Aquarium and many more.

The quality of Parker Road’s artificial wedding flowers are a testament to their high standards and certainly opened my eyes to what is possible. So, to faux or not to faux? I say faux, just make sure that you get the best of the best, it’s worth it.

Check out the new Parker Road Bridal store online and kickstart your wedding flowers or contact Teagen and her team for further information or to visit the showroom in Rowville.


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