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Corporate Floral Services
Corporate Floral Services

What better way to create a statement in your corporate zone than a beautifully styled floral arrangement to greet your clients.

Artificial floral arrangements are fast becoming the popular choice for the workplace .

Here at Parker Road we only use the highest quality artificial flowers and plants to create stunning corporate floral arrangements and we always hear the familiar “I can’t believe they are not real!”

Our Corporate Floral Service provides our clients with beautiful professional floral arrangements at a fraction of the cost of real flowers , in fact a simple standard bunch of flowers is more expensive than our florist styled artificial flower arrangements in a gorgeous vase , delivered to your door each month .

The advantages of using artificial flowers and plants for corporate floral arrangements

1. Artificial flowers and plants are strong and can be styled into many creative shapes and designs that real flowers and plants could not allow.

2. Artificial corporate floral arrangements are everlasting, will not wilt and will look as fresh as the day they arrived.

3. These arrangements do not require water and will never have the problem of stale, dirty water or dying flowers.

4. These arrangements can be customised and located in areas where real flowerscould not survive

5. Corporate floral arrangements are very inexpensive to hire compared to the cost of purchasing flowers every week.

6. Your corporate space will be refreshed regularly with our corporate floral service, we exchange pick up and deliver to your door with absolutely no effort required from you or your team

7. Parker Road Corporate floral arrangements are designed by our professional florists to fit in with your office and corporate décor.

8. Not only do our corporate floral designs make your space look beautiful they bring a smile to everyone’s face

9. Artificial Corporate floral designs are a healthy alternative to real flowers as they are allergy free with no pollens, dusts or heavy scents, making them perfect for doctor’s surgeries, medical centres and hospitals.

10. Corporate floral services apply to all kinds of businesses, from fashion retail, medical centres, real estate agents, hairdressers, schools and many more

11. When your corporate floral order is being prepared, our consultant will meet with you to discuss your design and location needs, making sure, the style and size, colour palette and design theme are all taken into consideration

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