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Creative ways to use artificial plants for home décor and buy online
Creative ways to use artificial plants for home décor and buy online

During this crazy year 2020 think about how much we appreciate our home.


Indoor artificial plants are the answer to many decorating situations and so easy to buy artificial plants for home décor online.

Add colour -

If you want to add freshness and colour to a room, add an artificial plant.

Fill an empty space –

 If you are wondering how to fill that tricky empty space in your home? Put an artificial indoor plant in there.

Artificial indoor plants can not only complement room décor,  they can become the star of the show.






Here are some key decorator Trends for artificial indoor plants


Go Big!

Fill the room with a statement large scale artificial indoor plant, why wait years for a plant to grow to the size of these guys! You can achieve instant impact with a large artificial indoor tree space, no need for water, light or special conditions at all.

And you can put them anywhere in your home or office.

Look for artificial Fiddle leaf trees, tropical palms, rubber trees, even full height Ficus!! 


Climbing high: 

Use artificial indoor plant vines to adorn your interior walls, you will never have to look at dead leaves or thirsty plants when you use these artificial plants, and they can go anywhere on your walls, no risk of marking the paint or need for irrigation or sunlight .. absolutely zero maintenance!


Artificial indoor plants in unexpected places!

Scattering small plants around in surprising places is a delightful way to perk up any space.

What a surprise to see a plant in the pantry Why not? Well, when it’s an artificial plant you can put them anywhere and it’s exciting to see bursts of greenery where no green has survived before!

Beautiful cascading artificial Pothos from this bulkhead in the kitchen makes this space divine.


Make a mix-and-match artificial plant shelf

Groups of plants with decorator or personal elements makes a wonderful view and great conversation piece.

This bright green artificial Money plant is nestled delicately amongst some stylish decorator items.


Artificial plant Indoor jungle

Plants can look lonely by themselves, group your artificial indoor plants together and  you will create the volume, the idea will be to mix plants, sizes and pots and create interest using different levels , heights and textures The choice of your pots for your artificial indoor plants is just as important as the plants, they will provide personality and style to the artificial indoor plant .

Hanging artificial indoor Plants

The perfect hanging plant is an artificial indoor plant, this is currently a very strong trend and adds greenery and movement from the ceiling down.

These artificial indoor hanging gives lot of poetry, and a bohemian touch.

Artificial indoor hanging plants are zero maintenance are light as they don’t require soil or water and they are beautiful, ( who wants to get the ladder out every week to water plants up high !?)


Make a room divider

Using artificial indoor plants in pot stands or open bookcases can create a refreshing open plan style room divider. Plant stands are the great decorative feature. They elevate the artificial indoor plants to a higher label. And there is a huge range of styles to suit you décor and type of plant .


Look for bookshelf sized potted artificial indoor plants and arrange these in shelves to let light and vision through whilst creating defined spaces in your décor.

Large groupings of varied plants can also create organic types of room dividers.


Create a succulent dish or terrarium

Create a succulent dish garden using artificial indoor plants to adorn your space. These artificial indoor plants are so realistic no one will ever know they aren’t real.


Indoor artificial plant wall garden

Create drama and glamour using artificial indoor plants in wall planters, paint your wall a rich bold forest colour and complement with lush velvet furnishings , the result is stunning !

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