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Home Office Happy Space
Home Office Happy Space

Using artificial flower arrangements and artificial plants make your home office your happy place

In our new way of working with so many of us working from home ,the trend for decorating our  home office space has really taken off!

Here are some ideas to help get your interior designer vibe going …


Get creative, channel different décor styles like a “pro”.

Minimalist ,Boho chic, Glam, Ultra-modern or  Vintage-industrial, are just some of the décor looks you can channel ,  whatever you choose make sure it represents your personality as you will be showing off your space on countless Zoom meeting calls !

Incorporate a jungle theme with a group of artificial plants in textured pots and add a hanging basket and some beautiful trailing greenery in



Set the scene… Furnishings

Depending on the amount of space you have for your home office, you will need to consider a desk that will fit the space and provide a good working area. You might need to fill a tricky space with a custom-designed desk.

This is the centre piece of your home office so you will want a desk that is attractive and functional.

There are plenty of flat packed DIY options to make, or you could get creative and repurpose a table ... so many ideas on Pinterest!

And of course, the addition of some beautiful artificial flowers will create style and personality.



If you will be doing some lengthy screen time you will need to have a good office chair. This can be a very businesslike office chair,or you can use a chair that is comfortable but more in keeping with your décor style ... so long as you can work happily without discomfort. 

Sort it Out …

Keep your desktop organised, a space for your laptop or computer, and get some cute baskets, tubs, and containers to keep all your office essentials organised.

Invest in some shelves, there are so many inexpensive options available now, these are a great way to keep your desk top tidy and also display some artificial plants to bring a sense of  calm and a fresh splash of greenery to your office space


What a difference a colour can make

Have fun with the colour scheme,you can choose to go with a fashion colourpalette, or you can incorporatecolours that connect with you and your type of work.

Keeping the office space to one colour can make the space feel larger and decorating with unconventional colour pops using conventional office items like chairs and filing cabinets is a great way to personalise your office space

Our custom painted artificial plant foliage brings an amazing designer vibe to this space!


Make it personal

This is the fun part, once you have your essentials figured out you can add things you have collected that you love.

Use wall space, the desk, and open shelves to express your personality. The beauty of the home office is that you can create an eclectic, personal environment, arranging your decorator accents along with your stationary requirements (all tastefully colour coordinated !) and add  bunches of beautiful artificial flowers and little quirky vintage finds to give warmth and visual interest … makes for a motivating working and creative space .

Install one of our lush artificial vertical gardens in your office space and transform an otherwise


ordinary room into a Zen Zone!


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