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How to select and order artificial flower arrangements
How to select and order artificial flower arrangements

So, you have decided to order your artificial flower arrangements online… now what, how will you decide the colors, sizing and style for your artificial flower arrangement.


Our online store is now rebuilt and opening for business very soon, so we thought we could take this opportunity to present the variety of artificial flower arrangements you can purchase online.


The Parker Road florists and designers have been very busy creating beautiful new artificial flower arrangements using our high-quality artificial flowers and foliage, placed in carefully selected designer vases, bespoke handmade pots and carefully sourced and curated baskets.


This ability of our creative team to bring all these design elements together is what sets the Parker Road artificial flower arrangements apart from the rest.


We have a variety of styles to suit all types of décor and environments and personalities.


Will the artificial flower arrangements online order be for yourself, a client if you are a stylist or as a gift for a friend?


There are many reasons and places to invest in these beautiful statement pieces each with a unique designer quality.




Please call us at our showroom in Rowville and ask our team for more information, we are here to help and inspire!!

(03) 8288 2678

We are very excited to open our webstore and offer our complete collection for sale of our artificial flower arrangements online

 We have selected some styles that our clever florists have created at Parker Road to share with you.



These artificial flower arrangements are inspired by bold, fresh tropical green jungles and foliage.



plant decor



There is no missing these beauties, these artificial flower arrangements make a bold strong statement


plant colors
red plants


A combination of Smokebush and Magnolia leaf creates a sensual atmosphere around this gorgeous artificial flower arrangement

artificial plants



These beautiful combinations of majestic artificial flower King Proteas mixed with soft gum leaves and peppercorn spays and a cloud of cotton bush arranged in an assortment of perfectly selected vessels creates a range of relaxed artificial flower arrangements that look so real you would think they were just picked from your country garden!

artificial flower
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