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Preserved Moss Walls
Preserved Moss Walls
Preserved Moss Walls
Preserved Moss is a beautifully natural green addition to interior walls and spaces and brings powerful, natural energy to any setting.
What is preserved Moss?
The botanical name, Cladonia Stellaris, is  a carpet-forming lichen growing abundantly in mountain areas in south-eastern Norway.
The Natural Moss is a real moss that has been treated with natural minerals to achieve a dormant state and preserve the plant life, in other words it is sleeping.
preserved Moss
What are the qualities of Preserved  Moss ?
If you have never heard of Preserved Moss before here are some of the amazing qualities of this unique product –
Preserved Moss is not only naturally beautiful , it also has wellness attributes .
It provides Acoustic Insulation – a moss feature wall in a home or commercial space will lower the sound levels of these interior spaces toning down unwanted high-level sounds and providing a naturally quieter environment.
We have creatively designed artificial moss wall features with inserts of preserved moss to use for a wide range of purposes in offices, restaurants, homes or any area requiring noise reduction and stylish elements.
These can be custom made to suit your personal or company décor.
Moss Decor
Preserved Moss provides Thermal Insulation – in a world of strained resources this is a very important quality as the moss assists to conserve energy use through low thermal conductivity,
Insect Proof – Insects are unable to create a habitat within Preserved Moss. It also does not go mouldy or decompose.
It is Fire Safe - Cladonia Stellaris is ignition-proof and excels in fire safety testing.
Preserved Moss can absorb the toxins from air, promoting our Health and Well-Being. 
Is it easy to maintain Preserved Moss?
With all these wonderful qualities, it looks beautiful and requires zero maintenance, no watering, no trimming, no sunlight required and will last in excess of 10 years if in the right location
Call us or come and see examples in our showroom, you can buy panels and install yourself or we can design a custom-made creation to meet your design requirement and install for you!
The possibilities are endless!!
Moss wall
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