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Spring Has Sprung!!
Spring Has Sprung!!

Spring Has Sprung!!

Freshen up your home with some gorgeous greenery and frivolous flowers!!

Here are some ideas to refresh your home with artificial plants and flowers!

Artificial flower

Spring Clean ...

It’s the time to open the windows and rearrange the rooms! We all love to switch things up and change our room décor, we can give you easy ways to do this with the addition of beautiful artificial plants and designer baskets! 

Artificial flower basket

Be Adventurous...

With our beautiful artificial plant hanging pots and baskets, you can put greenery where none has been before !! no watering or sun required, and you can add a splash of green wherever your heart desires!!  

Hanging flower basket

Be Inspired ..

 Gather those magazine cuttings and try some of the ideas in your own space, here are some easy to achieve examples we have done for our stylists, using artificial flowers and plants, for you to try !

decoration piece for kitchen
decoration piece for kitchen

Make a change! …

 Take that boring side fence and cover it with an easy to install UV protected artificial vertical garden ... for instant gratification and a stunning effect and a gorgeous new view from the window!!

plants on wall
plants on wall

DIY Inspo!

Nothing like a Spring morning to get your DIY urges going! Make yourself a succulent terrarium using artificial plants, you can get all your materials and a how to guide from our clever florists, just visit us at our beautiful showroom in Rowville!

decoration piece

Spring can bring pollen and allergies…

 Our beautiful artificial wedding flowers and plants are allergy free! Fill your home with gorgeous artificial spring blooms from Parker Road!

white flower

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