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Using an Artificial Wall Garden in your home
Using an Artificial Wall Garden in your home

There are so many creative and useful applications for our amazing vertical gardens. With different base panels and custom ad-ins available there is no limit to the look of your vertical garden online. On top of that, our plants are available with UV protection to ensure your garden will look bright and green throughout the coming seasons and won’t need maintenance if you’re away from home for some time!

Hiding a water tank

A popular option for concealing that unsightly, albeit useful, goliath of an eye sore water tank that is lurking in your field of vision. Using a simple frame, it is incredibly easy and low -fuss to install a few metres of artificial wall garden. This beautifully covers the structure and provides a gorgeous new backdrop in your yard.


Creating shade around your Pergola or Balcony

Using the space between posts where there’s just a bit too much sun in the afternoon, you can build a super simple frame where an effortless succulent garden or tropical fern display can become a lush wall.


Adding a luxury feel to your fence

You’ve seen it. You’ve been seeing it for goodness knows how long. Whether you have a wonky post, you’re ready for a colour change or you simply love the idea of a garden oasis – an artificial wall garden is a fantastic design solution for your fencing.


Creating a unique and eye-catching design

With Parker Road offering the highest quality and latest designs in artificial wall gardens in Australia you can get creative with how your vertical greenery can look and feel. You can have your green panels in a frame or cut into strips along your back wall. If you have a new and interesting way that you want to explore, ask our design team for some help and we can make your vertical garden dreams a reality.

A strip of lush green in the kitchen can transform a plain white wall or bulkhead. Our green panels take your home or workplace from the ordinary to the extraordinary!


Creating more with less

Use multiple smaller pots on a dark wall to bring a vibrant, diverse and totally unique feature to your house. Bringing a variety of tropical, hanging, large and detailed plants together in the single pot create and eye-catching spectacle. Sophisticated and fun: this is a signature Parker Road look.


Create garden rooms or hidden spaces


Vertical wall gardens aren’t always a flat object, you can customise them with fluffy ferns to add volume between veranda beams or build upon the walls of your shed. This design application can be an indulgence for your backyard nooks and corners. There is a variety of textures and foliage that can be built together to create your vision of paradise.

Take full advantage of the customisable panels that Parker Road can create for your backyard spaces. We thrive in bringing your exciting visions and projects to life. To keep up to date with our latest products and services be sure to join our community of flower lovers through our mailing list. Otherwise, give our design team a call!

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