Parker Road Moss is at the forefront of European interior design trends. We create artificial moss wall vertical gardens as well as interior artwork such as moss balls and wall art for our clients. Preserved Moss is a beautifully natural green addition to interior walls and spaces and brings powerful, natural energy to any setting.

Preserved Natural Moss, Cladonia Stellaris, is treated with natural minerals to achieve a dormant state. Once you have this moss installed in your space, it requires zero maintenance, no watering, or trimming, and no sunlight.

Insects are unable to create a habitat within Preserved Moss, and it does not degenerate or decompose.

Preserved moss has excellent sustainable and environmental qualities, including acoustic lowering properties within an interior environment, has low thermal conductivity, contributing to energy saving, and Cladonia Stellaris is ignition-proof.

We have designed a wide range of creative applications using preserved moss, and we are seeing a growing trend in the inclusion of this material across all areas of corporate and interior application.

To find out more about this beautiful product, and see more of our creative application, please look through our Moss booklet below, or call us at Parker Road, we are very happy to discuss your design and product questions and assist you with the development and application of  Preserved Moss in your next project!

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