Artificial Moss Wall & Interior Artwork

Parker Road Moss is at the forefront of European interior design trends. We create artificial moss wall vertical gardens as well as interior artwork such as moss balls and wall art, for our clients using preserved moss.

The best part is that once you buy moss and have it installed in your space, it requires zero maintenance, no watering, no trimming, no sunlight required. Easy.

Maintenance Free - Natural Moss is Cladonia Stellaris treated with natural minerals to achieve a dormant state.

Insect Proof – Insects are unable to create a habitat within Preserved Moss. It also does not go mouldy or decompose.

Acoustic Insulation - Performs well in lowering decibel levels of an interior environment, toning down unwanted high frequency sounds.

Thermal Insulation – Naturally preserved moss has low thermal conductivity, excelling in saving energy.

Fire Safe - Cladonia Stellaris is ignition-proof and excels in fire safety testing.

Before you buy fake moss or artificial moss online, speak to the Parker Road team to see how we can bring some life to your space with our preserved moss product.

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