The Floristry Kit


Parker Road Floristry Kits

The Parker Road Floristry Kits are a great way to help you to create your floral designs and use in our workshops !

You can select some or all the following items to build your own florist kit -

You can buy these items at any time on our website or in our beautiful showroom, or when you come to class.

Artificial flower wire cutters – an essential for cutting the stems and wires $25.00

Florist scissors -$15.00

Ribbon scissors - $10.00

Florist wire – to hold and position $8.00 , this comes in 2 grades of strength

Florist Parafilm Tape- $6.00

Florist Foam – 5 pack of bricks $20.00 

Florist Knife - Ideal for cutting floral foam, this knife has been designed to cut smoothly through both wet and dry bricks of foam. $20.00

Ribbon Scissors -$10.00

Florist tool belt –$25.00

Parker Road Florist Apron- our stylish branded black denim Apron features useful front pockets and adjustable D ring straps with waist ties. $68.00


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