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Noticing an increasing desire for live planting within commercial and office spaces, Parker Road have added live plants to the range. Our dedicated botanical hire team will not only install beautiful fresh greenery into your space, but they'll continue to maintain it to ensure it remains lush and healthy.


Our live planting solutions are selected from a range of the highest quality indoor plants, ensuring they not only look fresh and healthy, but they offer all of the benefits indoor plants can offer.

According to the University of Sydney, indoor plants are scientifically proven to not only reduce indoor air pollution and workplace illness but they also raise performance & productivity and improve overall job satisfaction.

Parker Road's full-circle live planting service includes the installation of living planters that will transform your office or commercial space, along with ongoing maintenance to ensure your greenery remains healthy and that you don't have to lift a finger! 

Contact us today to discuss all of your live planting needs.

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