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Do you have a question for us about artificial greenery, vertical gardens or faux flowers? We may have your answer here…but if not, feel free to contact us and we will answer it for you personally.

  • Can I get a custom design and style or different plants?
    We love to create personalised, made to order artificial greenery designs. Parker Road are here to discuss your ideas and also show you some examples our work for additional inspiration. Please contact us to speak with our friendly team to discuss any ideas you have.
  • Can you source a plant for me if it is not showing on your website?
    Yes we will always try to source items for our customers. Simply contact us with a photo and we will try to match this or find alternatives to show you.
  • Do you offer an ongoing cleaning and maintenance service?
    We sure do! We offer a specialised cleaning service to maintain the appearance and freshness of your artificial plants, flowers and vertical gardens. Our experience cleaners will clean the foliage using specialised cleaning product that will not affect the colour of artificial foliage, whilst cleaning and removing grease build-up, including the hard to reach high-up installations. Read more about our maintenance service below.
  • How do you measure the plants?
    All measurements provided are from the base of the pot (ground – to top leaf).
  • My plant has arrived and looks straight and flat, how do I fix this?
    Your plant requires tweaking. When we pack your order of plants, we need to make sure these are safely packaged to avoid damage. When you unpack your order, remove the packaging and start tweaking the leaves, branches from the bottom and fan the leaves outward (remember to be gentle). Lightly arrange the leaves. You can also use a hairdryer to carefully soften the leaves to allow you to further manipulate.
  • Can my artificial plants go in the sun?
    Not unless they are UV protected and this was specifically stated at time of purchase.
  • I live interstate / overseas, can I still purchase plants and vertical gardens from you?
    Absolutely, we ship nationwide. We can also arrange to send to overseas customers as well. Please contact us to discuss shipping options.
  • How long has Parker Road been in business?
    Parker Road was founded By Sue Krop in 2006, originally as Floral By Design.
Cleaning Service
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