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About Fake potted plants
About Fake potted plants

There are various types of fake indoor plants to suit all kinds of spaces and decorator themes.

The best way to make fake plants look even more realistic, than they already do, is to choose the right container, pot or basket.

And, because fake potted plants don’t need soil or water or sunshine they can be styled in any location and type of container.

Another great attribute of fake plants is they are not damaged by the drying affects of central heating or air conditioning making them an excellent choice for home and office locations.

There are a wider range of artificial indoor plants as you don’t need to worry about UV protection , however if you place them in a window in direct sun you might need to add some protective spray regularly to avoid the affect of sun on the  pigment.

Below are some ideas for designing with fake indoor plants


The bookcase or shelf plant.

Plants cascading down a shelf or bookcase adds a soft fresh stylish touch of green.

Stylists love to incorporate this element in rooms as it adds a texture and lightness to the overall room

Using fake indoor plants means there is no danger of water marks on shelves, or water leaking on your favourite books.

Fake plants also add a peaceful refreshing element in kitchen shelves, without any bacteria found in the soil in real plants, they can also be placed in bulkheads over benches and you never have to water them!

PLant cover the wall

The hanging plants

Using fake plants in hanging pots or arrangements is limitless!

There is no watering required, no soil required, there are no weight issues when suspending these, or when attaching planters to walls.

They will be alive when you get back from that overseas trip

There are so many design benefits.

They look amazing in hanging pots, in hanging baskets and in wall planters.

Plant basket

The clustered potted plants   

Fake plants look amazing when grouped in clusters of pots

Using a range of plant heights and textures in strategic combinations adds a stylish design element to any room or décor location.

Decorated plants

Indoor trees

Placing a large soft leafed tree in an empty corner in the room immediately changes the aesthetic of this space.

Trees bring a tranquil feeling to the indoors and fake trees will have no problem staying as beautiful as the day you placed them there!

Select a large stylish pot or chunky weave basket to complement the mood of your décor

Here are just 2 examples of fake trees you can use indoors to make a super statement!

Call the team at Parker Road to get more information!

Mini tree for decoration

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