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What to Look For When Comparing Quotes For Commercial Greenery

What to Look For When Comparing Quotes For Commercial Greenery

It’s no secret…we know that you wouldn’t be doing your due diligence if you didn’t get 2-3 quotes for your commercial, corporate or hospitality plant fit-out. There are, however, some factors you should consider when carrying out this process.


When comparing quotes, you should consider how many plants have been quoted per metre.


At Parker Road, we quote our designs in a way that ensures maximum impact! And this involves multiple plantings. We are however more than happy to discuss scaling designs back to meet budgetary constraints if required.


The quality of the real or artificial plants used in your commercial, corporate or hospitality greenery design will impact both the final result of the installation, and the quote. At Parker Road, we pride ourselves in designing and installing the highest quality faux greenery and vertical gardens that are not only low maintenance but incredibly lifelike.


Our team are more than happy to provide samples of the indoor plants to be used in your design, or invite you to wander through our showroom in Rowville.



When you work with Parker Road, you're not just getting plants stuck in pots. You are getting the benefit of over 18 years of experience...we know all the tricks in the trade.


Our team works meticulously to bend and twist each leaf into place to make lifelike artificial plant installations that are a cut above the rest.




Like the quality and density of the plants, it’s important to consider the number of stems each individual indoor plant will have. This will impact the overall look of the design.


Feel free to chat with our team before making your decision, to ensure you have everything you need to make an informed decision.

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