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Artificial and Living Greenery for Office Spaces

Updated: Jul 1

According to the University of Sydney, indoor plants are scientifically proven to not only reduce indoor air pollution and workplace illness but they also raise performance & productivity and improve overall job satisfaction. But how can they be incorporated into the design of an office space?


Quite easily and in a variety of ways actually! Whether it is a living, or artificial, greenery installation you require to transform your office space, Parker Road has a planting solution for you.

Parker Road's unique artificial greenery designs have been installed in a variety of commercial spaces across Melbourne, and Australia

Segment office space

Open-plan designs are the latest trend when it comes to office design, however there is still a requirement to segment the space for various departments, break-out areas, meeting spaces and to assist with acoustics.


Artificial and living plants are the perfect way to achieve this without losing the overall intention of the commercial interior design.

Parker Road are your artificial greenery experts.

Make a statement with office greenery

Office greenery can be used to add wow-factor to your space, ensuring you’re the talk of the town! Artificial greenery and preserved moss specifically provide the versatility Parker Road needs to push the boundaries of greenery design and take each project to the next level.


Artificial plants allow us to create designs where living office plants might not be a viable solution, such as high elevations and combined with ambient lighting.

Parker Road have designed a wide range of creative applications using preserved moss.

Treated with natural minerals to achieve a dormant state, once installed in your space Preserved Moss requires zero maintenance, no watering, or trimming, and no sunlight. This is why the Parker Road team love to incorporate it in creative logo reception signs.


Plants in tambour units

Traditionally, tambour units have been a dull piece of necessary office furniture, simply used for storage. Parker Road sees these units as an opportunity for corporate greenery design!

Parker Road sees these tambour units as an opportunity for corporate greenery design!

Whether you choose living or artificial greenery, you will not be disappointed! If you choose living greenery for your office space, our corporate plant hire service includes ongoing maintenance to ensure your office plants remain healthy and that you don't have to lift a finger! 


Whatever your brief, our team of talented designers will bring to life a greenery solution for your corporate space that suits your needs and your budget. Contact us today to find out more about our services.

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